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Kansas Works Job Listings

Tucky Allen, Business Services Director for the EDC, is our partner and direct contact with KansasWorks.  One of his priorities is to maintain a list of current job opportunities within his 62 county region.  We have refined this list to include only those openings within in Harvey County.  Click here! for a current listing.

Our partnership with Tucky allows us to work directly with a workforce expert and develop programming and recruitment tailored to our county and the communities within.  Whether you are a job seeker or an employer with openings, we can help.

In May, the EDC hosted the first ever Harvey County Job Fair.  With Tucky’s experience and expertise, the event was declared a success on many levels.  More than 150 job seekers connected with over 25 employers, with several resulting in interviews on the spot.  Due to the success of this event, the EDC plans to host another Job Fair in the Spring of 2014.

For more information about how Tucky can assist you in your employment needs, he can be reached at the EDC Office by calling 316-283-6033 or on his cell phone at 316-303-2906.  You can also submit your request to him by email at

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