Blueprint for Regional Economic Growth

Blueprint for Regional Economic Growth

BREG is a collaborative regional initiative to create a strategy for economic growth, composed of eight industry action plans. The collective action plans create a Blueprint for Regional Economic Growth.

As a member of BREG, Harvey County is a part of the cluster strategies across the entire South Central Kansas region. BREG has identified the following eight regional industry sectors as clusters important to this area:

  1. Advanced Manufacturing
  2. Advanced Materials
  3. Aerospace
  4. Agriculture
  5. Data Services and IT
  6. Health Care
  7. Oil and Gas
  8. Transportation and Logistics

Within Harvey County, our core target industries match very closely with those identified more broadly in BREG. Harvey County is ideally positioned to both contribute to and benefit from the regional clusters in our core target industry areas:

  1. Agribusiness & Agricultural Manufacturing
  2. Food & Beverage Processing
  3. Industrial Products Manufacturing
  4. Transportation, Distribution & Wholesale
  5. Aviation and Avionics
  6. Health Services


The Region – Our Shared Economic Interest

South Central Kansas is not defined by borders, but by its economic connections between local producers, their suppliers and common resource organizations, such as schools or industrial sites. We are a region with a diverse portfolio of industries and regional assets.

Clusters – Drivers of the Economy

To build our next generation economy, we intend to grow eight industries that ship goods and services out of the region and bring in new revenue and jobs into the region. These groupings are called “clusters.”

Economic Inputs – Foundations for Growth

To form enterprise, expand businesses and attract companies in each cluster, we intend to excel in delivering what companies in each industry need as a foundation for growth: new skills, innovation, access to financing, excellent logistics, sufficient resources, good governance and quality of life improvements.

Collaboration – Using Existing Resources New Ways

To power growth of existing or new industry, we intend to focus on market-driven actions that use our existing resources in new ways. There is no magic – all of us are either producers or suppliers who can work better togetherApproach


Action Focused

BREG has generated action plans across the region’s industries. These plans take the form of practical commitments to actions that will accelerate competitive growth of our region’s economic engines.


BREG is driven by what industries say they need to compete. We do this by “convening the marketplace” of each regional industry that generates jobs and income in South Central Kansas.


Companies, suppliers and providers will focus on competitive challenges they face on which they are ready to work with others right now.


Our objective is to align or realign input to what industries need to grow. Each industry’s producers, suppliers and key private and public “input providers” (training, finance, R&D, logistics, infrastructure) will decide how to use existing resources in new ways – together.

To learn more about BREG, visit their website:

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