Harvey County

Harvey County

Welcome to Harvey County!

Named in honor of Kansas Governor James M. Harvey, Harvey County began as a railroad hub for the Texas cattle trade along the famous Chisholm Trail. Today, the railroad continues to thrive as a vital place of commerce and trade and is among the county’s largest employers.

Harvey County is located approximately ten miles north of the City of Wichita and encompasses 540 square miles with a total of seven communities within its borders.

The county and its communities offer an ideal family environment with affordable, quiet neighborhoods.  A superior education system, abundant amenities, and top notch healthcare ensure the residents enjoy a high quality of life. Nothing can beat the small community lifestyle with easy access to all the larger city to the south can offer when the need arises. Harvey County and the communities within take pride in their past while planning for a progressive future to ensure its residents can comfortably support their households now and into the coming years.

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Full Vision celebrated 50 years in Harvey County in 2008. - 64 employees

Full Vision celebrated 50 years in Harvey County in 2008. - 64 employees

Harvey County Information

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34,846 (2011)
640 sq. miles
Median Household Income:
$48,880 (2007-2011)
Median Age:
Major Employers:
AGCO, Newton School District 373, Newton Medical Center, BNSF, Excel, Full Vision
Major Highways:
Interstate 135, US Highway 50